Smart Solar Road Stud system can make driving safer!
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Smart Solar Road Stud system can make driving safer!


Replacing the existing Road Studs with smart Solar Road Studs makes Ruichen Group’s systems reasonably priced.

Just as the skin is the largest organ of the human body, roads are the largest infrastructure on the planet, covering 30 million kilometers (8 million miles) worldwide.

Only 4% of roads in the world are equipped with sensors to convey key data such as traffic patterns, dangerous conditions, driver behavior and accidents. That’s because the road cost per mile today is about $3 million to make the road “smart”.

“Regarding data, the road is the final frontier. The main problem is the need for very expensive communication cables, cameras, patrols and control centers,” said Candy Xue, CEO of Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd., her cloud road digital system The aim is to reduce current costs to as much as 90%.

But the main reason is that the basis of Ruichen technology is to replace the existing Reflective Studs-embedded in every 10 to 15 meters of roads in China to highlight lanes, bumps and crossings-using wireless plug-and-play “smart studs” sensors and antennas, The raw data is collected and transmitted to the pole control unit to send the data to the cloud for analysis.

Smart Solar Road Stud system will make driving safer

The control unit installed on the pole will send the collected data to the cloud for analysis. Photo courtesy of Ruichen Group. At the end of the real-time process, the road operator will receive a complete “road map” showing real-time conditions, and intelligent Solar Studs can send alerts when necessary. The LED lighting of the smart Solar Studs can be remotely controlled to change the color or flash, for example, to help guide the emergency rescue team to the scene of the accident or warn other drivers about vehicles parked on the road.

Ruichen said that Road Studs will change every few years, so they can be gradually replaced by smart Solar Road Studs. Smart Solar Road Studs need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years, which may coincide with the scheduled road resurfacing.

After winning the global innovation competition sponsored by the world’s leading toll road operators, Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd. manages and develops urban toll road networks in countries such as the Philippines and South Africa, and is cooperating with China’s leading road operators. Proof of concept project.

Ruichen’s technology will eventually be able to interact with and support autonomous vehicles’ decision-making systems. At present, there are several roads in the world that do have traffic monitoring and management systems using a large number of technologies provided by various providers, and all data must be aggregated and analyzed by large companies.

For road management departments and companies that manage toll roads, this is very inefficient and complicated. In contrast, our system will provide operators with all the important insights needed to optimize traffic and reduce accidents. We are working hard to simplify the whole process.

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