Solar Studs, Give You a Gorgeous Swimming Pool
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Solar Studs, Give You a Gorgeous Swimming Pool


Once upon a time, when the electric light was first invented, it was just that the role of lighting was already admired. But nowadays, the types of lamps are relatively increased, and most of the functions are used for decoration, and even derived The special Solar Studs atmosphere lamp, the initial admirable lighting demand has also been reduced a lot, and the use of electric lights has become more and more extensive. The development of underwater Solar Studs is also the same. From the earliest, it only needs to illuminate the underwater and increase the field of vision. Nowadays, colored light renders pool water and fountains to form landscapes, and the scope of underwater use is also gradually expanding. LED underwater Solar Studs lights are now the mainstream.

LED underwater Solar Studs light is an underwater light produced by using LED technology. From the earlier led lamp beads to the current led patch, it has higher brightness and longer life. Solar Studs of Ruichen Group brand, the lamp is made of high-strength PE material, which has good light transmittance, corrosion resistance, vibration and drop resistance, and high safety. The product does not need to be embedded, and is wall-mounted as a whole, which is easy to operate. In line with IP68 protection level and low voltage safety standards, the stainless steel underwater Solar Studs lamp is equipped with a ground connection, which is safe and reliable. Compared with traditional underwater Solar Studs lights, LED underwater Solar Studs lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the lights are varied and more decorative, so they are widely used in various landscape lighting systems.

Underwater Road Stud lights in the swimming pool give you a beautifully rendered swimming pool

As a manufacturer of LED Road Stud lamps, the following points are listed for your reference when purchasing LED underwater Road Stud lamps.

1, safety

People-oriented, in landscape places, personal safety should be the first element. The LED underwater Road Stud lamp with a safe voltage of 12V must be selected in accordance with international requirements and used with an AC transformer. Manufacturers and distributors sometimes do not use low-voltage underwater Road Stud lights in order to make business, or the users themselves are cheap. Although they reduce the customer’s procurement costs (saving the cost of transformers), they increase safety risks.

2, specifications

Common specifications are: diameter, material, voltage, power, luminous color, etc. Can be customized. Commonly used are colorful light and warm white light. If you pay attention to the lighting function, generally choose warm white or white light; if you pay attention to the color effect, you can use colorful changes, or red, yellow, blue, and green. Various complex effects, such as the musical fountain with its lights changing with the rhythm at night, are all realized by externally controlled underwater Road Stud lights.

3, Appearance modeling and shell material

The power, shape, internal control or external control of the underwater Road Stud can be selected according to the design and budget of the lighting site. Wall-mounted LED underwater Road Stud lights are generally used in swimming pools, and LED Road Stud spotlights are generally used in fountains. Due to long-term use in water, the shell material of the underwater Road Stud lamp should have a certain anti-corrosion function. You can choose the LED underwater Road Stud lamp with a stainless steel shell or an ABS plastic shell.

4, Economy

Economy refers to the sum of the one-time investment and operating costs of Road Stud lamps. Generally speaking, underwater Road Stud lights with beautiful appearance and better quality have higher prices, longer service life and lower operation and maintenance costs; on the contrary, underwater Road Stud lights with poor quality are cheap, but often due to Blindness caused by water leakage and electricity leakage not only increases operating costs, but some even affect the acceptance of the entire project.

5, After-sales

Try to choose a regular manufacturer with stable after-sales guarantee to buy. Ruichen Group brand Road Studs provides a 2-year warranty service.

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