What does Henan Ruichen Solar Stud Signs look like?
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What does Henan Ruichen Solar Stud Signs look like?


Ruichen Solar Stud Sign can be equipped with solar panels for power supply, no special wiring is required, flexible installation location, quick and convenient installation, saving construction costs, and no energy consumption.

Solar Stud Sign inspection

Ruichen Solar Stud Sign is produced in accordance with GB/T31446-2015 “LED Active Luminous Road Traffic Signs”, JT/T750-2009 “Interior Lighting Signs”, and T/CSIA001-2018 “Panel Display Active Luminous Traffic Signs”. Type inspection (or sampling inspection) qualification report and aging test report (according to standard requirements) issued by a national-level traffic safety facility or product testing organization.

Solar Stud Signs can be smart

  1. Load the Internet of Things module to realize the remote sensibility and control of the logo;
  2. Docking with a third-party data platform or the owner’s data platform to achieve synchronization of symbol time and space information
  3. Solar Stud Signs adopts LED luminous signs, which conform to national standards, and the warning information transmitted to traffic participants is clearer.

Rigorous quality

  1. Solar Stud Signs, using the 3M brand of reflective film to ensure good retroreflective performance, is a 3M digital electro-engraving gold medal processor;
  2. The LED light source and PCB circuit boards are all produced in large-scale factories, and the patch is completed by the supporting factories of CRRC.
  3. Solar Stud Sign, Ruichen Group has accumulated ten years of production experience. We select materials for quality excellence, so that quality and design are equally exciting. We professionally produce various transportation facilities. We have our own factory and only provide good quality services.

Advantages of Solar Stud Sign

  1. Using Taiwan Epistar chip lamp beads, high brightness, high refresh rate, and long service life.
  2. The bottom adopts waterproof terminal to lead out, which improves the waterproof ability of the product.
  3. The sunshade adopts an assembled design, which is simple and convenient to install
  4. The shell is made of cold-rolled sheet, which has good surface quality, good stamping performance, and excellent processing characteristics. Products made of cold-rolled plates are durable and have a long service life.
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