What are the benefits of using Solar Studs?
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What are the benefits of using Solar Studs?


Why is Solar Studs gaining so rapid popularity? What are its advantages compared with ordinary street lights.

Solar Studs is a street lamp that uses solar energy as energy. Solar Studs uses solar energy as electrical energy to provide night road lighting. It can be installed on the spot as long as the sun is sufficient. It is called a green product because it does not pollute the environment. The integrated design of the light pole and the battery assembly has the ability to resist wind. The interior uses intelligent charging and discharging and microcomputer light and time control technology. Solar Studs products are designed with high-efficiency lighting sources, with high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable work, no cables, no conventional energy consumption, and can be used for more than 50,000 hours, so they have the characteristics of long life.

What are the benefits of using solar energy?

1. Solar energy is inexhaustible. The solar radiation energy received on the earth’s surface can meet 10,000 times the global energy demand. As long as solar photovoltaic systems are installed on 4% of the world’s deserts, the electricity generated can meet global needs. Solar power generation is safe and reliable, and will not suffer the impact of energy crisis or unstable fuel market.

2. Solar energy can be used everywhere, and power can be supplied nearby, without long-distance transmission, which avoids the loss of long-distance transmission lines.

3. Solar energy does not use fuel, and the operating cost is very low.

  1. Solar power generation has no moving parts, is not easy to use and damage, and is simple to maintain. It is especially suitable for unattended use.
  2. Solar power generation does not produce any waste, has no pollution, noise and other public hazards, and has five adverse effects on the environment. It is an ideal clean energy.
  3. The solar power generation system has a short construction period, is convenient and flexible, and can provide load increase and decrease, arbitrarily increase or decrease the solar energy target capacity, and avoid waste.

As the earth’s resources become increasingly scarce, the investment cost of basic energy is increasing, and various safety and pollution hazards can be said to be everywhere. As a kind of “inexhaustible” safe and environmentally friendly new energy, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. Pay attention to. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, the development of solar power generation in the field of street lighting has become increasingly perfect.

What are the characteristics of Solar Studs?

  1. Energy saving: Solar Studs uses solar energy photoelectric conversion to provide electricity, which is inexhaustible.
  2. Environmental protection: Solar Studs is pollution-free, noise-free, and radiation-free.
  3. Safety: Solar Studs has no accidents such as electric shock or fire.
  4. Convenience: Solar Studs is simple to install and does not require wiring or “opening and digging”, and there is no concern about power cuts.
  5. Long life: Solar Studs products have high technology content, and the control system is an international brand, intelligent design, and reliable quality.
  6. High taste: Solar Studs technology products, green energy, the user unit attaches importance to technology, green image improvement, and quality upgrade.
  7. Low investment: Solar Studs’ one-time investment is equivalent to AC power (the AC power investment starts from the transformation, power supply, control box, cable, and engineering), which is one-time use and long-term use.
  8. Wide application: Solar Studs uses natural solar energy, so it can be used wherever there is sunlight. It is especially suitable for green space landscape lighting equipment, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions and coastal landscape lighting and decoration, industrial development zones, industrial and mining Corporate street lights, outdoor lighting for universities and colleges.

What is the composition of Solar Road Studs?

Solar Road Studs consists of solar panels, solar intelligent controllers, battery packs, and light sources.

Working principle: Solar Road Studs uses solar panels to receive solar radiant energy during the day and convert it into electrical energy and store it in the battery through the discharge controller. At night, when the illuminance gradually decreases, the charging and discharging controller will act after detecting this value. Discharge the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 10 hours, the charge and discharge controller will act, and the battery discharge ends. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to control the opening and connection of street lights, while protecting the battery and prolonging the service life of the battery.

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